• Deliver comprehensive trademark and design service in Nigeria and most countries in Africa.
  • Provide IP Watch service, which monitors marks on behalf of our clients to determine their current status in the application process
  • Advise about trademark strategy in Nigeria and Africa
  • Prepare trademark licenses
  • Conduct trademark clearance searches
  • Prosecute trademark applications
  • Litigate adversarial proceedings, including opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Litigate trademark infringement, passing off
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Business-aware advice on commercial issues, including licensing acquisition and disposal, and intellectual property management

We work closely with our clients’ in-house counsel, marketing professionals, and product development staff to:

  • Establish and implement brand strategies
  • Develop licensing strategies that enhance the value of an IP portfolio.
  • Review products and packaging
  • Comply with regulatory requirements for labelling and promotion of products

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