Our Firm

With a continent as large as Africa, comprising more than fifty different governments, it is no wonder that our clients consider pursuing an IP strategy in Nigeria and Africa. At O. Kayode & Co we have been honing our skills for nearly twenty five years and we know our environment well. Protecting intellectual property in Africa can and should be done.

Our lawyers have been effective in situations where others have given up. Clients value our knowledge and commitment to protect their interests. Our office is located in Lagos, the commercial hub of Nigeria, from where we have access to the business side of protecting and enforcing your Trademarks, Patents and Designs.

Our Team Where We Work Industry Experience

We not only work here in Nigeria, our home country, which is the most populous in Africa, but we have a trusted and reliable network across the continent to help our clients protect their interests throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

We work with national and international companies in the automotive, consumer electrical products, entertainment, financial services, food and beverages, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and many other fields.

We regularly attend global conferences in the intellectual property world, and we are frequently speakers and panel members. Our founding partner sat on the board of the International Trademark Association (INTA) , arguably the most important intellectual property organization in the world from 2012-2014. We are proactive about staying in constant touch with our colleagues from around the world not only to maintain relationships, but also to keep our fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the evolution of the practice of intellectual property law.

If there are new issues on the horizon in Nigeria and Africa at large that we feel will affect our clients’ business, you can rely on us to alert you and make appropriate recommendations. In a country of 170 million people, and a continent of over a billion people, companies face significant challenges ranging from relevant and cost-effective IP protection to infringements and counterfeiting. In particular, Nigeria is a transit point for the flow of both legitimate and illegitimate goods. Therefore, Nigeria is a natural venue for establishing and launching a comprehensive corporate IP strategy. The team of Lawyers and Administrators at O. Kayode and Co will help you develop and manage your expectations.

We are trustworthy and reliable guides to the challenging intellectual property issues in Nigeria and throughout Africa.