Industry Expertise

We serve a broad range of national and international clients in almost every type of business that creates, manages, sells, and leverages its intellectual property.

We have special expertise in industry groups that are essential to economic development in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa and have frequent IP challenges.

Representative Clients

Our clients in the automotive sector include:

  • Two multinational Japanese motor vehicle companies
  • One of the “big three” U.S. automobile manufacturers
  • A major British manufacturer of upscale and off-road motor vehicles
  • One of Korea’s largest automobile manufacturers
  • One of China’s largest manufacturers of motorcycles, with worldwide distribution and sales.
  • One of China’s leading manufacturers of minivans and small motor vehicles
  • A multinational Chinese automobile parts manufacturer with global distribution
  • Three major multinational tire manufacturers
  • A major European manufacturer of automotive electrical systems and parts

We act for some of the world’s most prominent consumer electrical products companies, including:

  • Korea’s largest manufacturer of consumer electrical and electronics products
  • One of Japan’s largest manufacturers of consumer electrical and electronics products
  • A major multinational manufacturer of components for household appliances and home entertainment products

Our experience in the entertainment sector includes acting for these industry leaders:

  • Three of the world’s five largest manufacturers and distributors of sports apparel and equipment
  • A U.S.-based worldwide family entertainment conglomerate with the world’s largest portfolio of licensed products
  • Two major international record companies based in the United States and United Kingdom
  • A major entertainment-news oriented cable/satellite television service

Financial services is one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria and one of our fast-growing client sectors. With the advent of the registration of service marks in Nigeria, we have undertaken the application, registration, and maintenance of certain newly created service brands belonging to financial services companies.

We act for major financial services companies such as:

  • West Africa’s most successful independent investment banking firm
  • A U.S.-based defined contribution manager and retirement plan provider, now part of a large U.S. financial services company

Our clients in the petroleum products sector come from all corners of the globe and include:

  • A U.S-based producer, refiner and retailer of industrial and consumer petroleum products, one of the three largest in the world
  • A Russian-based international oil company
  • A Nigerian-based conglomerate of independent companies spanning the energy sector
  • Latin America’s largest state-owned petroleum company
  • One of Europe’s largest global energy companies, based in Italy

We have one of the largest portfolios of clients in the pharmaceutical sector of any law firm in Nigeria. Our clients include major multinational companies headquartered in Europe, the United States and Asia.

  • Europe’s largest telecommunications company
  • The second-largest wireless service carrier in the world, based in the United Kingdom
  • A Japanese-Swedish joint venture that is the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of mobile telephones
  • An international telecommunications company based in the United Arab Emirates
  • A French-based manufacturer and supplier of high-tech equipment for telecommunications networks
  • The Canadian-headquartered manufacturer of the largest selling line of “smart” phones in North America
  • A Japanese provider of mobile phone equipment and services, with a 50% market share of Japan’s cellular telephony market, and a rapidly expanding international market