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The big issues in Asia and Africa: May 22 2016

Apanel at the Annual Meeting tomorrow will focus on anticounterfeiting strategies in southeast Asia and Africa. “These are two massive regions, so we can’t cover everything –but we hope to provide the audience with key strategies and pointers for these important areas,” says Lara Kayode, of O Kayode & Company in Nigeria, who is moderating the session. She emphasizes the importance for brand owners of looking at different means to tackle counterfeiting. For example, in some countries, regulatory legislation may be more up-to-date and enforcement agencies better resourced than police or the courts. Read More...

New Industrial Property Act passed by Parliament: November 14 2014

Seychelles - O Kayode & Co

The Seychelles Parliament has passed the new Industrial Property Act (7/2014), which repeals the Patents Act (5/1901) (Chapter 156), as amended, and the Trademarks Decree No 18/1977

(Chapter 239), as amended.

Although not yet in force, the new act makes provision for the registration and protection of industrial designs, which were previously possible only through the extension of a UK design. Read More...

Anticounterfeiting Committee Newsletter: April 2013

The ACC has gotten off to a busy start this year! Our seven subcommittees have been hard at work preparing activities and discussions for the fast-approaching Annual Meeting in Dallas on May 4 through 8. We look forward to an active agenda through our final in-person gathering at the INTA Leadership Meeting from November 12 to 16 in Miami. Read More...